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Kokanee Fishing In Southwest Washington is GREAT! The Columbia River Fishing Guide and Outfitters not only fish for big fish but we also Guide in the pristine hills of lake Merwin enjoying the beautiful hard fighting Kokanee; a landlocked sockeye salmon that can be compared to the spring salmon for taste. These little tyrants range from 12" to 18" and can weigh 1 to 2 lbs. Kokanee fishing can be great fun, Kokanee guide trips start in the early spring through summer. This is great fun for the family and kids. We troll light gear to catch Kokanee.


Kokanee fishing is a really a ton of fun and it's great excitement for everyone in the family. Lake Merwin is one of the most popular  Kokanee fishing lakes in the Northwest and every year anglers from all over Washington head to this reservoir to catch HUGE Kokanee (landlocked Salmon). Kokanee fishing guide grew up minutes from this popular Kokanee fishing lake and knows it like the back of his hand. Whether you're a 5 year old kid or a professional seasoned angler you are bound to love the action catching landlocked Salmon (Kokanee) and nobody knows how to catch them better than Us. It may be thinking outside the box a little but more and more, people are finding that a Kokanee fishing trip is just as much fun (if not more) than a Salmon or Sturgeon fishing trip because the action is HOT and these red meat Salmon taste extremely good. Their meat is bright red and it's never oily so you get a premium fillet that is considered by some as the best tasting Salmon you can get. And you never have a disappointing day as Lake Merwin is stocked with thousands and thousands of these popular fish and they are actively feeding almost all year long.




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